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    Calling ALL plant eaters and those who long to try something new (and healthy) to escape with us on a vegan vacation! There's absolutely no way you could be disappointed - at least not with our lot!

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    Allow us to be your fix and take you to a crazy coffee high! Sometimes that extra boost is needed to see us through the day, be it an Italian Expresso or a Caffe Latte - escape the office for 5 minutes to get your fabulous fix.

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    Say adios to hunger and HOLA! to a feast of Mexican madness AKA Burritos, Quesadillas, Tacos and much more Mexican madness! Take your tastebuds to Mexico this lunchtime.

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    Crepes and Waffles

    Want to go to the heart of France in just one bite! Flee the office and visit our Food Trucks to discover some incredible Crêpes. Vive la France! For those of you delight in a crispier sweet treat check out the mouth watering waffle Trucks.

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2017-11-18 Change

Truck Stop TODAY!

Truck Stop TODAY!


Dookies Grill

Truck Location @ WeWork Old Street
Food Cuisine: Caribbean

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