The Tin Canteen
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Cuisine: Crepes

This Essex based unique and stylish Retro Rocket Van serves delicious sweet and savoury crepes, tempting bubble waffles and indulgent ice cream milkshakes.


Truck Story

The story of The Tin Canteen

Our Retro Rocket It was built as a food truck but before I bought it it was a sausage van. We had to change all sorts of equipment. I've always wanted to do crepes for some reason, who doesn't love a crepe? I saw bubble waffles at an event a couple of years ago and was blown away by them, they're incredible, delicious and really fun, I love making them and seeing people's faces when I hand it over. And I'm really, really fussy about milkshakes, I hate shakes made with milk and powder and it's hard to find places that make them with real ice cream, which is mad as it's really simple!

Make & Model

Retro Rocket . We chose that model of truck because It looks fab!


Crepes, bubble waffles and ice cream shakes.

Ideal Customer

Someone hungry! A sweet tooth is helpful but saying that our savoury crepes are fantastic, chock full of delicious fillings.

Self Supporting

Yes, we don't 'need' anything, although a 32 amp hookup is always very welcome to avoid generator noise.

Signature Dish

Our whole menu is 'The Tin Canteen', we don't really have a signature, but for the impact factor I love making the waffles.

Private Events

We cater for private events and charge £185 to attend any private function and food is an additional expense. It depends on the number of guests, but it's usually slightly less than £5 per head for food. I need a date, a location, a deposit and we're all yours :)

Favourite Place

We've not been anywhere we don't like yet!

Truck Stop Today!

Truck Stop TODAY!

There are no scheduled events for this truck currently. Please check back soon.

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