The Queen Pepiada
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Cuisine: South American

This Cardiff based Food Truck brings to you, traditional Venezuelan cuisine, delicious arepas with fresh and tasty fillings.


Truck Story

The story of The Queen Pepiada

We landed in Cardiff in 2006. I went to many food fairs and festivals. I enjoy the atmosphere of those places. It seemed so exciting that I couldn’t resist being part of the street food business. Arepas seemed to combine in a dish the nostalgia we feel for Venezuela and the lovely and permanent astonishment we feel for people, culture and places I have met everywhere.

Make & Model

A 1994 308D Mercedes Benz. It was the closest to the UPS shipping company Truck. It was the model I wanted.


We serve up Arepas, Tostones, fried Yuca, Papelón con limón (a drink made of Sugarloaf water with lime). We have selected Venezuelan food iconic arepas we fill with fresh ingredients, traditional combinations and our family secrets.

Ideal Customer

Anyone is our ideal customer. Arepas are for everybody!

Self Supporting

Yes, fully self-supporting.

Signature Dish

Arepas are naturally defined by their muti-flavoured character. Like music, there is always an option that fills your mood. However we could say ‘The Queen Pepiada’ is literally our signature dish.

Private Events

Yes! We can grace any private party, wedding, corporate event or lunch of more of 60 people. It also depends on how far from Cardiff it is.

Favourite Place

All food festivals! All places have their charm.

Truck Stop Today!

Truck Stop TODAY!

There are no scheduled events for this truck currently. Please check back soon.

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