Soffle's Pitta Chips
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Cuisine: British

This amazing little London based Food Truck brings to you oven roasted pitta chips. Which tasty flavour will you chose?


Truck Story

The story of Soffle's Pitta Chips

Federica was once a farm worker moving items across the farm and covered in flower power pattern!

Make & Model

Federica or Pingu for short.


Pitta chips and a range of dips. We started making pitta chips at home as great with beers and dips so its the perfect MINI snack to have alongside a beverage.

Ideal Customer

Our ideal customers love fresh favours and a good crunch! As it means they will love our pitta chips.

Self Supporting


Signature Dish

The favourite is Rosemary & Thyme pitta chips with hummus.

Private Events

Yes. Please call TruckStopToday for more details.

Favourite Place

The favourite is Rosemary & Thyme pitta chips with hummus.

Truck Stop Today!

Truck Stop TODAY!

There are no scheduled events for this truck currently. Please check back soon.

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