Pie Eyed
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Cuisine: British

This South Yorkshire based Food Truck has transformed the Great British classic into an art form!


Truck Story

The story of Pie Eyed

Initially a horse ambulance used on racecourses - but we bought it off a lady in Burnley who was upgrading to a horse lorry.

Make & Model

A Rice Triple Horse Trailer.


Pies! After uni, I went for on a big trip around Italy. What really struck me is the pride and passion that they put into all their dishes. Plus, we all love pies, don’t we?

Ideal Customer

People who love to try something a little different.

Self Supporting


Signature Dish

Slow cooked Beef Brisket, Black Sheep Ale & Smoked Pancetta.

Private Events

Please ask TruckStopToday for more information.

Favourite Place

Anywhere where people enjoy a good pie!

Truck Stop Today!

Truck Stop TODAY!

There are no scheduled events for this truck currently. Please check back soon.

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