Perky Blenders
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Cuisine: Italian

This London (Walthomstow) based Food Truck creates bespoke coffees direct to your door! We love these guys...Never queue in you-know-where again!


Truck Story

The story of Perky Blenders

We bought the Ape from a charity in Islington that was set up to help youths and others who were out of work, to develop a ‘can do’ attitude to business, the vehicle was surplus to their requirement so we helped them out with some cash for it.

Make & Model

Piaggio Ape 50cc.

Specialty are specialty Coffee Roasters in London, we sell on line and post our freshly roasted and ground coffee to customers subscribing across the UK and America.

Ideal Customer

Our ideal customers are the ones that really know what it means to have beautiful coffee served fresh from our roaster, and appreciate it when we put heart in the latte art.

Self Supporting


Signature Dish

The ‘Albiechino’ which is basically a babychino (small milk with froth and choc) named after one of the youngest members of the family. He loves them and will jump the queue when visiting as though he already owns it.

Private Events

Yes. Please contact TruckStopToday for more information.

Favourite Place

We love to visit weddings, schools and business with our package deals. We like local festivals too, there are some great community festivals in our area of Waltham Forest and we love to support them.

Truck Stop Today!

Truck Stop TODAY!

There are no scheduled events for this truck currently. Please check back soon.

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