En Root
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Cuisine: Fusion

This London based Food Truck serves up fantastic Vegan, Indian Fusion food.


Truck Story

The story of En Root

Make & Model

Mercedes Benz Sprinter LWB


100% Vegan, Indian Fusion. Being of Gujarati origin but born in south London has developed a certain cultural clash. Alongside my extensive travels, EN ROOT thus ties these international influences into a unique menu full of flavour, colour and nutrition.

Ideal Customer

A culturally aware, health and well being adventurist. Some of EN ROOT's culinary creations step out of the sphere of traditional cuisine and so we take your pallet on an international journey that we hope you're ready for! Pure goodness that's going to help you grow, gain and cleanse.

Self Supporting

Yes. Gas tank in the boot and connection to electricty (if available, not necessary) as well as ample amounts of water that fits to our internal tap system.

Signature Dish

Signature dish would have to be the Raja Select. A multitude of flavour comprising of raw rainbow salad, our daily dhal and bhajia falafels topped with guacamole and our famous Raja Bonnet Sauce packed in a toasted wrap.

Private Events

Yes. Minimum booking value £300 we tend to charge between £10-15 depending on the extent of service (from just Curry inna Hurry, Raw Rainbow Salad & Rice to inclusive desserts and extras)

Favourite Place

Brixton-Windrush Square

Truck Stop Today!

Truck Stop TODAY!

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