Coco Labelle
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Cuisine: Caribbean

This London based Food Truck certainly makes an impressions with it's stunning looks and exotic menu you are in for a treat!


Truck Story

The story of Coco Labelle

It wasn’t an ambulance nor a fire truck nor an ice cream van, the Peugeot J7s were used as people carriers, vans etc.

Make & Model

We have a Peugeot J7 1979 painted in Mint Pastel Green with gold Coco Labelle branding.


We serve a mix of Mauritian, Jamaican and Sicilian street food. This mix reflects my family. I am half Mauritian and half Sicilian and my husband is Jamaican. We serve the food that we love and eat at home and at family gatherings.

Ideal Customer

Our ideal customer is the open minded customer ready to try new flavours.

Self Supporting

Yes, we have our own water and generator.

Signature Dish

Our signature dish is definitely our Crispy Chilli Fish! Although we have learnt that different markets love different foods!

Private Events

Yes we are happy to do private events! Please contact TruckStopToday for more information.

Favourite Place

So far our favourite place has been in Convent Garden with Startisans. A small intimate indoor venue filled with lots of different people working in the area.

Truck Stop Today!

Truck Stop TODAY!

There are no scheduled events for this truck currently. Please check back soon.

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