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Hamburger Month

Burgers are the most diverse food out there. You can literally have a burger anywhere and at any time. They are perfect for lunch or dinner, although it’s only acceptable to have one for breakfast if you are hungover. Burgers are served from the most basic food stand to high-end restaurants. It certainly is a food that deserves a whole month of celebrations. Plus, May is the unofficial BBQ-party month and what’s a BBQ without a burger?

Burgers were initially considered food for the poor. They were made of all the leftovers of the meat cuts and mashed together with some seasoning. Many people have claimed that they were inventors of the burger we know today but it was never proven who really came up with this great idea.


It comes without surprise that the inspiration for it comes from Hamburg, however, this is not where burgers originate from. Back in the 19th century, Hamburg was known for its good beef which was raised regionally in the countryside. But it wasn’t until a group of German emigrants went to America that people learnt about Hamburg-steak beef that was minced and seasoned with garlic and onions and then grilled.

This is where the connection with Hamburg ends. The Hamburg-steak beef gained a lot of popularity among Americans with industrial jobs in factories for a quick lunch on their break. It wasn’t served as a sit-down meal which made it hard to eat whilst standing up, so then people decided to put the patty between two bread buns and the rest is history.

We’ve come a long way since then and now burgers are food for everyone. And most of the time they are everyone’s favourite food. People have gotten a bit more creative lately and beef isn’t the only meat that is used to make the delicious patty. Nowadays you can find burgers made of turkey, emu, jackfruit and even kangaroos (not sure about this one).

No matter what they are made of they are still a great food and worth celebrating. TruckStopToday has put together a list of places you can go and celebrate Hamburger Month.


Burger Theory burgertheory.co.uk

Of course, we are opening the celebratory meals with some traditional beef burgers from Burger Theory, could you get more authentic?  Ever since their first burger was created in 2011, the creative juices have been flowing and they’ve come up with some interesting combination. The classic The Sheriff is highly recommended one – made with a beef patty, crispy bacon and melted cheddar and on top of that some onion ring and BBQ sauce. If you want something a bit more different, you should try the Blue Cow which has a beef and jalapeno patty, crispy bacon and of course, blue cheese. And if you really want to try something different then go for The KFC - Korean Fried Chicken with sticky chilli glaze, spring onions and peanuts.

Where and when:

Head to burgertheory.co.uk for full updates

Barnyard Birds https://www.barnyardbirds.co.uk/

Barnyard Birds are great at what they do and that’s cooking birds to perfection. Celebrate Burger Month with their slow-cooked Confit Duck burger with crispy skin and red onion marmalade topped with béarnaise sauce and a toasted brioche bun. If that’s still not satisfying enough then go for h the Bacon Burger - all you need to know about it is that the main ingredients are candid bacon and buttermilk fried chicken.

Where and when:

WeWork Southbank – Wednesday 2nd May and Friday 18th May

WeWork Paddington - Friday 11th and 25th May 

Cape Lekker

Certainly not your traditional burger but for those of you who want to immerse in the African gastronomy then you put Zebra burger on your bucket list. Cape Lekker has been enlightening the UK food street culture with some traditional South African gems. You can enjoy a range of exotic burgers such an Ostrich, Springbok & Zebra burgers served on brioche roll with chilli chutney and fried onions. Simple but very memorable experience!

Where and when:

Every Thursday and Friday at Regus - 400 Pavilion Dr, Northampton NN4 7PA

Baba g’s Bhangra Burgers www.bhangraburger.com

If Cape Lekker’s zebra burger were exotic enough then we introduce you to Bhangra Burgers. They combine the two favourite foods to every Brit – burger and curry! Spiced up with the hottest ingredient you can choose from a regular Crazy Lamb Jalfrezi Burger or a ‘It’s HOT HOT HOT!!’ Baba’s Naga Delhi Double. Everything at Baba g’s is made with cumin spice and topped with all things nice… like onion bhaji, chilli and tamarind chutney. They’ve thoughtfully added the Paneer Saag Burger to their menu for all the spice-hungry but meat-free people out there.

Where and when:

Everyday 5-10pm at Pop Brixton, 49 Station Rd, SW9 8PQ

Mon – Friday at Finsbury Avenue Sq