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Caribbean Food Week

Caribbean Food Week

It is nearly time again to get together and celebrate all-things-Caribbean. The food markets will be blooming with flavour and spicy aroma for a week, whilst Food Truck from all around the UK gather in honour of the delicious food that Caribbean cuisine has to offer. If you are too, a love of the spiced-up jerk chickens, goat curries and of course a rum punch then this is your time to shine. Food markets across the UK will be hosting their own Caribbean Food Week events but if you can’t make it to the events you can at least visit one of the Food Truck that serves Caribbean food all year round.

One Love Kitchen

Indulge in the authentic tastes and spices of the Caribbean with this Food Truck. One Love Kitchen has been roaming around the streets of London serving quality food to hungry spice-lovers. Their massive BBQ grill can fit week's worth of jerk chicken. All food is home-made using traditional techniques and recipes. You cannot go more authentic than this. Try their Curried Goat served with peas, salad and bed of rice, or if you are after the smokey spiced-up chickens then you'll find yourself in heaven. If you are really in a rush and can't enjoy a sit-down meal with One Love, then quickly grab one of their Boneless Jerk Chicken in a tortilla wrap.

Where and when?

 Next stop for One Love Kitchen will be Bath Road Central on 16th August. For more updates on this Food Truck's location check out the food calendar.

Food Lord

The stars of a Caribbean street food week will always be the goat curry and the jerk chicken. Topped with rice mixed in coconut milk and plantains, is how the Food Lord would serve you both of those favourites. The two are very well-known and much loved by everyone and that’s why Food Lord is taking the top place on the list because they know their stuff when it comes to Caribbean food. This Food Truck serves not only authentic island food but some mainland African meals too.

Where and when?

Mon-Sat between 12:00 pm- 20:45 pm at Uxbridge High St, UB8 1LB (Next to civic centre)

Dookies Grill

It’s not all about jerk chicken though Dookies Grill’s Sexy Jerk Pork Box will turn your head around. The box is packed with a sexy slow cooked jerk pulled pork, delicious basmati rice, Dookies’ special slaw and salad glazed with their own homemade gravy. That’s not all though! Here you can find some of the bets dumpling sliders too. Dookies Grill is pretty popular not only in the street food scene but at festivals around the UK, too. Makes sure to grab yourself one of these sexy boxes next time you scout them.

Where and when?

Dookies Grill can be found at diffenret markets, park events and festivals. But they are also available for private hire,too. 

For more festivals and food markets check out the link

Qbana Street Food

This London based Food Truck has been overtaking the street food markets with its amazing mix of Caribbean Tex-Mex flavours. For those of you wondering, Tex-Mex is referred to a cuisine with a heavy use of shredded cheese. Now, isn’t this just everything we ever wanted from food. On top of all the cheese infused meals such as the Cuban Melties, Qbana also serves delicious Taco Boast loaded with spice, veg and of course more cheese.

Where and when?

For more updates of Qbana Street Food check out the link.

Kerief's Catering

With over 22 years of experience, chef Sasa and Almarie decided to share their knowledge of good food by creating the Flavour Fusion. This Food Truck serves a perfect blend of South-African and Jamaican cuisine. All dishes are packed with traditional spices and locally sourced ingredients. Try one of the special Vetkoek which is an African style fried-bread known as ‘Johnny Cake’ in the Caribbean. The delicious dough is filled with curried minced beef, pulled jerk chicken and homemade Chakalaka with grilled halloumi. If you want to do it the traditional way, add some golden syrup on top.

Where and when?

Wednesday 11:45 - 13:45 you can find them at the Cambridge Research Park, Waterbeach, CB25 9PD

Thursday 11:45 - 13:45 you can find us at Cambourne Business Park, Cambourne, CB23 6DW

Most Fridays between 18:00 - 20:30 you can find them at Upper Cambourne Cricket Pavilion, Cambourne, CB23 6BP

Leah's Kitchen

Last and most certainly not least is the amazing street food truck Leah's Kitchen. This Caribbean fusion has been feeding the hungry Londoners with its home-made goodness and traditional recipes. This family-run truckstop offers some of the most authentic Jamaican food. For a belly-full day try some of the classics such as Ackee and Saltfish, Fried Dumplings or Goat Curry, of course. Their finger licking and a bit eye-watering food is prepared with locally sourced ingredients and traditional Caribbean spices.

Where and when?

Leah's Kitchen has been making its way around the street food market and family festivals. You can find them at Croxley Park (Lakeside, Hatters Lane, Watford WD18 8YR) on 6th August, 13th August, 20th August and 27th August. For more update on their location click here.

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