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Our top four Saturday markets in London – a little hustle and a whole lot of bustle…

Markets don’t have to be places for something as mundane as a weekly food shop, they can be exciting adventures of discovery, venues for new experiences, they can help you to engage with the people who grow and produce the food you eat, and they can be a place to hang out with friends or family, soaking up the energetic atmosphere of commerce and culture.

Our Food Truck owners love London’s markets as they’re already full of people craving new taste experiences. So here are a few of our favourite Saturday markets for you to explore and fall in love with.

Brockley Market

What makes an award-winning food market? Well, apparently one that was winner of Time Out’s ‘Best Cheap Eats In London’ accolade, one that was runner-up in the Best Markets category in the Observer Food Monthly Awards, and one that was also the winner of Best Retailer in the Urban Food Awards. This is a seriously good food market, home to stands selling organic breads and freshly caught fish, craft beer and locally roasted coffee, along with cheeses, pies, herbs and spices, ice cream, quality meats and so much more. There are places to buy and places to sit and enjoy the flow of the world while sampling the best in street food. The market is just a few minutes from St Johns station on Lewisham Way (A20) in South East London.

Food Trucks regularly at this venue:

·         Sub Cult

·         The Grilling Greek

·         Van Dough

Berwick Market

This market is a very different kettle of fish. Located north of the Thames and surrounded by the cinema and theatre districts of central London, busy Soho and with Mayfair just to its west, it’s no surprise that Berwick Market is a ‘foodie destination’. With origins in the 16th century this is a market with serious heritage, but the food stalls are bang up to date. You’ll find an eclectic mix of styles and tastes, from pastas prepared by a professional chef from a local Michelin-starred restaurant to Mexican-inspired burritos alongside more traditional fruit and veg, and other food stalls. Open 8am to 6pm and located five minutes from Piccadilly Circus and eight minutes from Leicester Square tube station, Berwick Market is a great destination for food lovers and food tourists alike.


Food Trucks regularly at this venue:

·         The Dumpling Van

Venn Street Market

In South West London, just around the corner from Clapham Common, is Venn Street Market, open every Saturday from 10am to 4pm. This market is all about local produce for local people from local producers (though there are some from a little further afield, so make them feel welcome too) where you can shake hands with the men and women who grew the fruit and vegetables or farmed the livestock. ‘Fresh’ is the catchphrase all are shouting about here, with the organic veg harvested just 24 hours earlier, breads and cakes baked the day before, line and net caught seasonal fresh fish, and more. There are naughty chocolate brownies and succulent deli meats, vibrant bouquets of flowers and artisan cheeses. South West London’s best Sunday food venue.


Food Trucks regularly at this venue:

·         The London Bagel


Broadway Market

Hackney has been home to East London’s finest market for over 120 years. Broadway Market offers the perfect mix of authentic street food and fresh produce stalls, and is open from 9am to 5pm each and every Saturday. This is a market to spend all day in, one in which every twist and turn offers up new and exciting sights and smells. With 135 stalls and growing, this is a busy market, filling the street with artisan breads, cakes, coffees and fresh farm produce. Described as ‘the most successful community street market in London’ we would not dispute this and we think you’ll agree when you visit.