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National Dessert Day

In the prime of the Great British Bake Off’s new season, we’ve all been left craving for cakes, meringues, and biscuits every Tuesday night. But luckily for everyone, one of the sweetest days of the year is upon us. It’s the only time when you can get away with having an extra slice of cake before dinner and no, it’s not the Great British Bake Off final, although not too far off the right answer – it’s national dessert day, of course.

In the past few weeks, the Bake Off hype has once again overtaken the nation. Be that by desperately whisking egg white and sugar to get that handshake-worthy cream, or in more millennial ways by firing off hundreds of Tweets every Tuesday, we are all in it.

In a time where cakes and biscuits are so appreciated it feels bizarre to not dedicate a day to desserts. So, it’s a good thing that we have the National Dessert Day when we can all sit and eat cake just like Marrie-Antoinette once ordered.  The French queen clearly had a point because on 14th October this year we are going to indulge in dessert eating for this glorious sugar-infused day.

If you are feeling Bake Off inspired, you can whip up a signature Victoria Sponge for the family or try and get technical with something like Gateau vert –with the special ingredient in the recipe being the fresh spinach, as we all saw on TV a few weeks ago. But for those of you who simply want to celebrate by eating and not baking, we have put together a list of the best places to eat dessert on the go.

Sweet N Me Up

Looking for a Dorset based Food Truck to pick up some Dutch pancakes and crispy waffles? Look no further! Sweet N Me Up in their baby blue 1975 VW van are glazing pancakes all over Dorchester as well as festivals, weddings and other events across the UK. Their show-stoppers are the fluffy pancakes covered Nutella and topped with strawberries.

Where and when?

If you want to go really big on the dessert celebrations, you can privately hire this truckstop or otherwise find them at local events and festivals near Dorset. For the latest updates check Sweet N Me Up events calendar.

Simmons Creperie

With the abundance of toppings that Simmons Creperie offers, they have made a name for themselves for the variety of sweet and savoury crepes combination available. But let’s focus on the sweet side for now though. Their traditional Brittany crêpes & galettes can be topped up with sweets such as marshmallows, Nutella buttons or a bit more heart-warming sauce made with Bailey’s, Cointreau or Grant Marnier. Because what is a celebration without the booze, right?

Where and when?

‘Flexible and versatile’ is how they describe themselves which really means that they can fit everywhere from music festivals to children’s parties or even corporate events. It’s not a party without a crepe, plus we told you about the boozy ones, right? Check their calendar for their next sweet stop.

Cake Doctor

You can now pop into the Doctor’s office in case of a cake emergency because this Food Truck is quite literally ‘dressed up’ as an old ambulance. Talk about attention seeking! 
But the idea to deliver homemade traybakes and cakes from an ambulance has proven very successful for Cake Doctor. Sometimes renamed as Applebulance or Plumbullance to emphasises on their vegan side this Food Truck prescribes some of the best desserts that you can find on wheels.

Where and when?

Don’t keep the doctor away and grab a slice of their best cakes at festivals around Birmingham and local markets. Find out their latest locations here.

Coppi Truck

For those of you that are after something a little more flavoursome, we have the Coppi Truck. At this Food Truck, you can find Frangipani Tarts with creamy almond filling or a chocolate cake with a little twist to its recipe with as they’ve added Olive oil to it. For a fruitier option, you should grab a slice of their Orange and Pomegranate Sponge. Last but not least kind are the mouth-watering brownies with their three main signature ingredients being - chocolate, salted caramel & peanut butter. 

Where and when?

Check out Coppi Truck’s calendar to find out where to get those heavenly bites.

The Waffle Float

This London based Food Truck is a vintage milk float which was in use for almost 40 years delivering milk, so delivering creamy ice creams on top of delicious crispy Liege Belgian waffles, was a natural step up for Winnie The Waffle Float. Winnie’s signature Ice Cream Dream waffles are made with their award-winning ice cream and drizzled with the choice of chocolate sauce, toffee sauce or maple syrup. The Waffle Float is one of the best places to eat not only authentic Belgian waffle but scrumptious ice cream with that choice of over twenty flavours.

Where and when?

Winnie roams around different event and festivals around the UK but she is also very popular for private hire but for more update check their calendar here.

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