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National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day has somehow strategically put on 1st October right after the long and hot summer. Almost as if we all need a cup of hot black coffee to help us wake up and realise that winter is upon us.

It’s not all so sad of course. In fact, having your morning coffee is a lot of people’s favourite part of the day. There’s something special about that half-asleep time of the day when even the dawn is struggling to peak through the dark nights. When the smell of freshly roasted coffee fills the house with a comforting aroma.

And then those first few sips are almost taking a breath of air after a long exhausting run. It’s almost as if your body and your brain need coffee to put itself into any kind of motion. Once that first coffee has been devoured then every other cup is more of a treat than a necessity.

One might ask if coffee is such a big part of our everyday life then why it needs a special dedicated day. But to us, the answer is pretty obvious. National Coffee Day is almost like Valentine’s Day for coffee lovers. It’s a day of appreciation, a day to share our love for this liquid gold.

Many of us, however, don’t have the time to enjoy a hot cuppa in the morning, so we often have to grab a coffee on our way to work. This is why we at Truck Stop Today decided to put together a list of our favourite truckstops to get the best coffee on the go.

The Wacka Wagon Co.

‘Passionate about serving delicious coffee’ is how this Food Truck describes themselves. If not passion, what else could you possibly want from the master of your coffee? The Wacka Wagon use only Wacka beans in all of their coffees ensuring that the drink is always made with freshly roasted quality beans. The beans are a crucial ingredient to a good artisan coffee. And to preserve those last drops of summer, The Wacka Wagon also serves delicious ice lattes, too.

Where and when?

The Wacka Wagon have been roasting around many festivals around the UK, sporting events, weddings, private events and some food markets. You can also find them at Croxley Park, Hatters Lane, Watford WD18 8YR.

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

Since we opened the topic of iced coffees it’s hard to give this one a miss. Jimmy’s Iced Coffee is now a popular coffee brand sold in cafes, gym, shops but of course, it’s also found at many festivals where they have their own coffee truck. Jimmy’s story was born when Jimmy himself was traveling around Oz and fell involve with the idea of ice coffee. Not long after he pitched the idea to his sister and they launched their own brand. Now, Jimmy’s coffee is an epitome of what ice coffee should taste like. As Jimmy says at the heart of every good iced coffee is a great coffee. They source their Arabica beans from the world capital of coffee – Huila in Columbia.

Where and when?

Apart from in many shops and cafes around the country, Jimmy’s Ice Coffee Food Truck can be found at festivals and events. Check out the latest updates on their locations

Also attending Maverick Race across the UK:

September 15th at 08:00 : Maverick Race - Trail Running Series: Kent

 September 29th at 07:00 : Maverick Race - Trail Running Series: Snowdonia

 October 13th at 08:00 : Maverick Race - Trail Running Series: Henley-on-Thames

 October 27th at 16:30 : Maverick Dark Race - Trail Running Series: Sussex

Coffee Ethic

The coffee here wakes you up in a rather eye-opening way. Coffee Ethics is a Food Truck which supports vulnerable people by helping them re-integrate into work and the society as all of the profits go into Drunglink charity. Coffee Ethics helps bring people together and help them fulfil their full potential by offering them an opportunity to work and learn new skills. In their Tuk Tuk van, Coffee Ethics delivers that hot cuppa right at your doorstep, well only if your doorstep is in St Albans Civic Centre. Their bright red truck called Florence helps them hop to different festival and events. If you are a fan of their coffees you can even buy their freshly roasted Coffee At Home packages.

Where and when?

This Coffee Truck has been around. This summer they were seen at Boomtown Festival, Meraki Festival, Bushfest and many more. You can find out their next stop here.

JAC’s Coffee Van (Also known as Teabirds Coffee Van)

Roaming around in their little blue Citroen H van, JAC’s has been making sure that people of Cheshire happy and always with a cup of coffee in hand. It’s hard not to be happy when you are sipping on one of their coffees. JAC’s Coffee Van is a family-run Food Truck which serves barista coffee, teas and homemade cakes. Alternatively, you can find some delicious hot chocolates covered in marshmallows too.

Where and when?

JAC’s Coffee Van is often seen at food markets and festivals near Cheshire. You can also hire them for your very special day. For more update check out the here.

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