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Everyone's favourite tennis tournament and the reason why people know where Wimbledon is is just around the corner. Although an international tournament Wimbledon is one of Britain's proudest achievements.

Perhaps it's because every year the Royals attend, or maybe because of Murray and Edmund's performances, the Pimm's, the strawberry and cream, everything in the atmosphere feels British. In the spirit of this so very British event, we decided to put together a list of the best food spots to celebrate all thing British around the country.

Pies The Limit 

Pie and mash if without any doubt on top of everyone’s list when we talk about British food. Being the first original pie & mash Food Truck, Pies The limit have mastered the craft to perfection and have a selection of seven crusty pies stuffed with meat or veg. They are all served with a side of creamy mash, mushy peas, chunky chips, gravy or parsley sauce. Although a mobile Food Truck, Pies The Limit is more of a sit-down meal predominantly due to sizable portions and dripping gravy  (for those like me this means messiness). 

What the Dickens 

Not just the name but the food too is very traditional Brtish. At What the Dickens you can find things like kedgeree, devilled kidneys, hand raise pork pies and spicy devilled pork rolls. Quite a selection they have going on there. Everything is locally sourced and made from scratch to achieve this real home-made taste. Their Devilled Kidneys is a hit in the street food scene. It's made with lamb kidneys seasoned and fried up served with mustard, cayenne and sherry sauce. There's also the Kedgeree which is a classic Victorian dish with smoked haddock and rice. They've gone all the way back to Victorian times to prove their Britishness, the least you can do it go to KERB market and try it.

The Frying Squad 

Well, we cannot talk about British food and not mention fish and chips. The Frying Squad's artistically painted van of a fish and a chip bathing in vinegar does not go unnoticed. However, this is not the highlight of the whole experience, although very instagrammable. The Frying Squad uses the highest quality of Icelandic cod and freshly chipped Maris Pipers potatoes to create the nation's favourite dish. Although specialists in the seafood business the Food Truck also serves Irish sausages, chicken nuggets and Halal meat. You can find The Fryin Squad in the street food markets around London, Surrey and Kent. 

Shoot The Bull 

This award-winning Food Truck serves restaurant quality food to hungry passers. The pop-up has made names for itself with its delicious gourmet meat and extravagant, yet traditional recipes. At the Shoot The Bull you can find a 36-hour-cooked Pork Belly with their very own Bourbon BBQ glaze. Their Crayfish Club Sub is so not what you expect. Ingredients include espresso & maple streaky bacon, vanilla chutney and coriander mayonnaise to name a few. don't miss out on the Yorkshire Wagyu Beef either, it's not every day you get to eat wagyu beef at a Food Truck. 

Toot Sweets

Last but not least, we have a little treat for those of you with the sweet tooth. Toot Sweets' home is a Citroen H van named Belle. Belle is fully equipped to serve champagne, prosecco Pimm's and of course sweets! With over 100 flavours of ice creams, you are bound to find your one. Also, try their delicious retro milkshakes and boozy sorbets. Belle also offers waffles and very special Sundaes with unlimited toppings.

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