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National Burger Day

We love a good old food day celebrating some of our all-time favourites. This time the special guest of the party will be the Burger. Like any other important food, burgers deserve their National Burger Day. This year this falls on a conveniently on a thirsty pre-Bank-Holiday Thursday (23rd August) so a beer must be added to the meal. Celebrating Burger Day is not about history and honouring the past, it’s about stuffing your face with a juicy meaty slice of heaven. Whether you like a beef, chicken or an all-green burger, this day is to be celebrated by all. It’s the perfect occasion for a BBQ afternoon but if you, like most of us who live in the city, don’t have a garden or a big enough terrace for a BBQ, then you should celebrate by visiting some these awesome Food Trucks at your nearest street food market.

Meat the chef

Renowned for its signature dish the Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Meat the Chef is without doubt one of our favourite burger Food Truck out there. With 24 years of experience, the chef behind this truckstop, know all the best tricks for a perfect burger. The delicious Buttermilk Fried Chicken is topped with bacon jam, crisp gem lettuce nestled in a Demi Brioche Bap. But the real secret in Meat the Chef’s creation is hidden in the flour and the abundance of 15 different spices mixed into it. We did warn you, he knows all the tricks…

Where and when?

Find London’s famous fried chicken Broadgate Quarter, Snowden St on Wednesdays 11.30-2.30pm; South Bank Central on Thursdays for lunch and at Chiswick Business Park, Chiswick on Fridays 11.30-2.30pm

Uncle g’s

Yet another great buttermilk fried chicken burger can be found at Uncle G’s but there’s more than just the chicken. It’s all about the recipe. Uncle G’s gluten-free chicken burger is 100% home-made and locally sourced. It’s not just the meat though, the creatively named Not Much Room Burger featuring Monterey finest mushrooms, is also a top seller. The Food Truck is inspired by American cuisine and in fact, it’s all about their homemade sauces. You can pick your sauce based on your favourite state such as the So Car (Southern Carolina mustard-based BBQ sauce) or Y’all Come Back (a tangy mixture of mayo and tomato) or if you want to spice it up got for the hilariously named My Husband is Hotter (About a 6 is 10 is blow your head off).

Where and when?

Find them every Thursday at Street Food Heroes, Market Place, Brook Street, Tring

Barnyard birds

Fly off to the barn for some deliciously cooked duck burgers at Barnyard Birds. Driving around in their 1979 Renault Estafette van they are always on the move looking for the hungriest chicken lovers. Their special is the Confit Duck burger made with slow-cooked duck, crispy skin smeared with red onion jam and béarnaise sauce, all laying in a soft brioche bun. If you are not much of a duck lover you can try their Bacon Burger, or the classic Buffalo Burger made with buttermilk chicken, hot buffalo sauce and topped up with blued cheese.

Where and when?

Barnyards Birds spreads their wings and flies around the whole of the UK. They will often nest in different food markets such as Street Dots, Paddington Central and We Work, Southbank. Occasionally you can spot them in popular family and food festivals across the country.

Robert’s Snack Shack

For something more traditional and certainly very mouth-watering we recommend visiting Robert’s, Snack Shack. At this Food Truck, you can find some of the juiciest gourmet beef burgers. All topped-up with Monterey jack cheese, tomatoes and greens and their very own shack sauce. Apart from being a great place to eat this truckstop also makes some of the best cocktails which are also a bonus.

What’s Your Beef

It won’t be a Burger Day if at least one of your burgers isn’t beef. And if you are going to go for beef you might as well go for the best one you can get. What’s Your Beef only serves burger made from 100% grass-fed and locally sourced meat. Despite the food being local, however, the tastes of their burgers can take you on a journey around the world. Their Fiery Bull is a spice mixture of Spanish flavours and British ingredients. Topped with chorizo, manchego and yellow peppers and smothered in their homemade Sweet Chilling & Fiery hot sauce.

Where and when?

What’s Your Beef is a Manchester-based Food Truck and it can be often seen at food festivals such as Magic Rock, Grub Manchester, Deer Shed Festival and more.

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