Gourmet Food on the Move


You wake up on Saturday morning, look through the window, the sun is shily peaking behind the clouds. The warmth fills your rooms and your skin absorbs the rays while stretching your arms for that long lazy morning yawn.

What comes after?

Phone call to a friend, arrange to meet in the park or street food market (these are always a good shout on a Saturday). Next thing you know, you are bare feet walking on the grass, listening to summer tunes coming out of a van or a bar nearby, or even your phone. That's pretty much summer, right?

Oh, no,  we are forgetting something. This that unites us all into those summer dances, gatherings, BBQs, sunbathing sessions - the bubbles. 

Sunshine is great but nothing beats a Saturday afternoon spent with friends and a glass of prosecco in hand.. or three, who's counting?
If that's the way you see yourself spending the summer then you should definitely check out these hot-spots for the best prosecco and cocktails around the country.


Fizz and Foam

Cocktails on wheels, is there anything better? Fizz and Foam is bringing some of that chilled prosecco, fruity Pimm's and G&Ts right by your side. With it's elegant design this Drinks Truck is perfect for sophisticated events or piss-up get-together. Your choice how you start, the outcome is always the same.


The Cocktail Car

Grab a fancy cocktail on your way to work... That doesn't sound right. The point is, you can get a professionally made delicious cocktails on the go at The Cocktail Car. There's no need to queue in a crowded cocktail bar when you have a perfectly suitable outdoor Cocktail Car to serve you tasty Raspberry Amaretto Sour and Espresso Martinis. The menu doesn't finish there so if you want to know what else is on the list go to The Cocktail Car and get that summer vibes floating.


The Cocktail Caravan

This Bristol based Food Truck is driving out and about spreading the love towards good drinks. They have a huge variety of cocktails all following their own recipes. Mexican Garden Party is not the one to miss. With 100% agave Tequila muddled with cucumber and chilli, this Mexican party will get hotter than you think. There's even a Highland Sling, for those real Scotts our there who can handle the pure Scotch whiskey. 


Prosecco Trucks

This is actually only one truck but after paying it a visit you might be seeing double. Prosecco Trucks is pretty much what you'd expect it to be - amazing! Proseccos is floating, Peroni is on draught, it's all a person could ask for the summer. These guys use a quality vino Fizzante, which tastes fancier than it sounds if that's even possible? they are based in the City but could also be found in Kent, Surrey and Essex areas.

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