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Fish & Chips Day

They say the best things in life are free but the most marvellous things in life cost about £5 and are served with mushy peas, covered in salt and vinegar and wrapped in newspapers.  Everyone has greasy-finger-mouth-watering moments related to this as-British-as-it-gets dish. There’s something very glorious about eating fish & chips and goes beyond the crispy golden batter and the fat chips, It’s the feeling of Britishness that you get whilst eating it at the pub during the Fish Friday or queueing at the chippie by the seaside.

Fish and chips is, without doubt, the nation’s favourite food and it has been for years. It all started back in 1860 when an Ashkenazi Jewish immigrant, Joseph Malin opened the first ever fried fish and chipped potatoes shop in Bow, East London.  To keep the fish fresh, there had to be the batter that is thick enough to protect the fish from spoiling and to keep the oil fats away from the fish underneath.

Once the first bit of the crispy batter was tasted, the fish & chips hype took over the UK. The deep-fried meal soon became industrialised and was part of everyone’s diet. Back then the meal was considered food for middle-class people, but the nutritious meal rapidly gained popularity amongst all. Nowadays, you can find fish & chips from the smallest dullest chip shops by the seaside to the fanciest high-end restaurants in the cities

Every year we celebrate this very British food on the first Friday of June. This year the National Fish and Chips day will be celebrated on 1st June. As such a big national holiday (unfortunately not a Bank holiday yet) celebrating it properly is essential, especially if you have the heart of true nationalist. If you can have your Fish Friday at home with the family, then don’t worry. There are plenty of places you can eat this greasy guilty pleasure.

Just For You Fish and Chips 

They haven’t only been feeding hungry Brits with their favourite food, but they’ve been winning awards for it. This family-run Food Truck is a bigger deal than you think. They are part of the award-winning chain Les’s Fish Bar and specialise in quality fish. Their generous portions can be found around Cheshire or you can privately hire them… Are you thinking about that private Fish & Chips Day party?

For updates on the locations of Just For You Fish and Chips Food Truck click here.

The Cornish Codfather

Like everything Cornish, this Food Truck lives up to all expectations and it easily exceeds them with its delicious fresh fish and seafood. Celebrate National Fish & Chips day with a traditional cod and chips or if you are part of the haddock minority, the Cornish Codfather will serve you this too. For the seafood lovers, there’s crispy battered calamari or scampi and chips. You can either stick with the original or be experimental and try the cider batter. You can also up your game and have a bit less traditional trout and chips or striped bass. Just don’t forget to add the peas, you don’t want to go too far from the traditional.

Find where and when you can visit the Cornish Codfather.

Yummy Nosh 

Taking it back to the traditional but this time with a Norwegian twist. Yummy Nosh strives to provide the freshest food for its customers and the finest fish. They only use Cod and Haddock caught in the Norwegian Seas which was frozen within five hours of catch. This ensures the quality of fish is preserved for longer. To add even more personal touch, their chips are made of seasonal potatoes which are hand-cut daily. Find them in their sea blue Food Truck driving around Basingstoke.

For more update on Yummy Nosh check the link.

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