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Healthy Eating Week

At the bottom of everyone's to-do list usually, sit a three letter word that we all hate, 'GYM'. Now more than any other time of the year we actually aim to get to the bottom of that list.

Summer is usually the time when we all pay the most attention to our bodies and diets. Often because of a holiday, sunbathing on rooftops or in the park, or pretty much any other reason that will get us all in beachwear despite that lack of weather for it.

But many people spend the summer trying to be on a healthy diet for less shallow and very simple reason – summer is the time when all the fruit and veg that have soaked into vitamin D and are usually most delicious. Of course, we have fruit and veg all year round in the shops, but nothing beats sun-grown plants.

For whatever reason you decide to follow a healthier diet, now is a perfect time to do it. The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) has strategically planned a week of Healthy Easting just at the start of the summer. This year the week will be 11th – 15th June. BNF encourage people to follow five simple rules during that week, and hopefully, some become healthy habits:

·       Have breakfast in the morning

·       Have five fruits and veg a day

·       Drink plenty of water

·       Get active

·       Make a change

A lot of organisations from all sectors such as universities, schools, corporations, nurseries and more, are taking the initiative very seriously with the aim of helping people improve their diets and recreate recipes in a healthier way. If you want to be part of the health movement but you don’t have time to cook meals at home, we’ve gathered a list of places to eat a healthy meal on the go.


Following a family dream to introduce Lebanese cuisine to the London street food lovers -  BEYroots Food Truck was born at the end of 2016. They have since, proved that there’s more to Lebanese food than hummus but it is a great place to start because their Hummus Salad Bowls are some of the best in town. If you fancy something a bit meatier then the Grilled Tawouk-marinated Chicken is the one for you. The tender chicken fillet is marinated overnight in the delicious Lebanese sauce and served in a wrap with fresh seasonal salad.

For updates on BEYroots' locations click here.

En Root 

They are always En Root to delivering the most nutritious, delicious Indian cuisine and celebrating fresh seasonal vegetables. They use authentic Gujarati spices to bring that automatic mouth-watering taste. Their story began a few years ago when they realised that there was a lack of healthy breakfast option for busy commuters in South London. Although inspired by Indian cuisine this Food Truck brings together Latin and Afro-Caribbean tastes to the London food markets. Their menu is 100% plant-based and full of healthiness. Try their Hearty Root rainbow salad and have your 5-a-day in one go.

Find out where and when you can visit En Roots.

Savage Salads 

Savage Salads is the creation of an Italian chef and Swedish restaurant manager. Their passion for healthy food helped them change the perception of salads and mundane food. As their name suggests they specialise in salads but you can find some pretty good Angus Steak in there too. Garnish your meat with a salad of your choice, or stock up on a box full of grains and roasted veg. Our favourite is the grilled courgette and red peppers salad topped with roasted chickpeas, rocket and lemon.

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The Palate Box 

Eating healthy doesn’t mean just eating salads of course, and therefore our next suggestion is the restaurant-quality Food Truck based in Manchester. With 15 years of experience in the restaurant business, the food at Palate Box has raised the bar to Michelin-star quality. They serve scrumptious healthy tapas and gourmet salads using the freshest ingredient.  Their tapas even sound like restaurant food although served on four wheels. You can choose from ham hock terrines, chicken croquettes or for the plant-lovers a wild mushroom Anichini with an aioli dip.

If you want to know where to get a Palate Box for just click here.

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